Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Update from Tom Moberg

Tom Moberg has some interesting information to share...quoting Tom below:

"Along with our friend Katie, my wife and I have started maintaining the 3 mile section between FR 2117 and the Soo Line Trail. northwest of Remer where you took several of these photos. Your "Water everywhere" photo shows what we are calling "Old Pine Lake", formerly and sadly called "NoName Lake" in a couple of trail guides. Although the lake isn't much, it has beautiful old red and white pines around it.. Mary and I camped at the campsite in your "Stay for the night" photo a couple of years ago when we hiked from the eastern dead-end of the trail to Highway 200 by Boy River. When there was an opportunity to adopt a trail section, the part including the campsite was the one we wanted. Last summer, Mary, Katie and I fixed up the campsite by putting in the fire ring, installing the wood box, fixing up the privy, clearing more tent pads, mowing, cutting brush, etc. It was an adventure getting everything to the camp site from the FR 2117 trail head. Katie built the wood box at home and hauled it in to the site on a big wagon. I used a wheelbarrow to haul the fire ring, a five gallon gas can, and a bunch of tools in to the site, while Mary drove a string mower.. Anyway, we're proud of that campsite, so I hope you have a chance to use it some day."

Thanks Tom!

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