Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stock Pick of the Day

I'm looking for stocks that pay a good dividend and have the potential for growth. I'm hoping to someday have enough dividends coming in to use as a source of income. If the stock grows in value well that's even better.

Today's pick is Cisco Systems CSCO. Cisco makes computer networking equipment. They're currently paying a dividend of 21 cents per share every quarter. At the current stock price of $29.30 per share, that's an annual yield of 2.86%. Compared to savings accounts, CDs or bonds this is pretty good. But of course it's not guaranteed.

On top of the great dividend, the research sources I'm using are very bullish on Cisco and rate it a strong "Buy". I'm somewhat familiar with Cisco and I have a lot of respect for their products.

If you buy before March 31, 2015 you will be eligible for the April 22, 2015 dividend payment.

Good luck with your investing and please let me know if you have any dividend stock picks for me!