Monday, October 26, 2009

Trail Abuse

The North Country Trail in the Chippewa National Forest is attractive to ATV and dirt bike riders, even though it's posted for non motorized use only. I believe the key to preventing this abuse is for more hikers to get out on the trail and make our presence felt. Above, The nearly indestructible Carsonite posts that mark the North Country Trail are no match for a shotgun blast at close range.
Maybe one more boulder is needed to keep the macines off the trail at Milton Lake on the North Country Trail near Remer, MN.

Below, I stumbled onto 3 teens on dirt bikes who did this damage and politely asked them to stay off the hiking trail. Motorized recreation is a part of life today and I believe respectful engagement with the motorized crowd will go a long way towards keeping them off the trail.

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